22 ago. 2010

Firmware Nokia C6 corriendo en 5800/5530 By PNHT

"Since we know that you are eagerly waiting for this release, we have been working around the clock to Release this long awaited FW before schedule!

Yes, you are reading right! This FW will be released today!

Right now, we are uploading files and preparing posts

Stay tuned to our site and forum

We will take this opportunity to thank you all for your patience and support

We also like to thank our beta testers: Upakul, Shadowninty, Mr-X, Liliantungary, PedroCST and Sbae for helping testing this release

Finally, a big Thanks to all PNHT members, because if it wasn't for their hard work, you wouldn't be able to witness such FW on your devices"

Así la gente de PNHT notificaba el release de este tan ansiado FW para nuestros equipo y acá se lo traemos.

Es necesario e importante aclarar que este FW es unicamente compatibles con Nokia 5800 RM-356 y RM-428, y Nokia 5530 RM-504, de intentar usar este FW en otros RM es posible que su equipo quede muerto.


Simplemente actualicen como si instalaran un CFW.

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